Our Team

When we speak of “experience” we really mean business! Our people are highly trained and experienced investment professionals. We understand the impact economic and financial events have on the markets.

In addition to the impressive investment credentials of our own people, we subscribe for input from numerous highly regarded external investment and economic consultants.  We also avail ourselves of specialized expertise on an “as required” basis.

In the daily conduct of our business, we have built the network of portfolio managers in various asset classes, investment consultants, independent investment and economic analysts that constantly provide input into our investment process. This is what we call the “VALUE CHAIN”.

The result is that our clients have more expertise working for them than any single investment advisory organization in the business.

Company’s principals:

R. Bruce Sansom

R. Bruce Sansom

Chairman and CEO

Bruce Sansom, founding partner of Global Wealth Builders Ltd., is the senior member of our investment team. Since 1954, he has gained extensive investment experience in virtually all facets of the investment business.
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